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Established in 2018 by two experts in radar design and airborne systems, Radomatics focuses on developing micro radars for aerial vehicles, a microsensor carried by the drone, enabling it to sense its environment, ensuring a safe and reliable flight.

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Developing micro radars for drones

Radomatics is the developer of the rdm-500 patent-pending airborne micro radar sensor for drones.  The novel microsystem enables drones to sense their spatial environment and avoid collisions with other flying or static objects at night or in severe weather conditions. Furthermore,  the sensor measures the drone’s precise altitude, enabling it to maneuver and land safely in all conditions, including in the event of gps loss. The advanced patent-pending system features a unique antenna and MIMO FMCW Radar configuration, utilizing low-cost off-the-shelf components to provide maximum performance at an optimal benefit-cost ratio. In addition, for homeland security applications,  the sensor is suited for a dedicated mode to detect and track hostile drones, enabling defense drone to close contact to the hostile drone in the air up to physical contact.

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