Ehud Zorea

Ehud has acquired over 19 years of experience in radar design and R&D management, with special emphasis on radar design & integration, since 2001. Prior to the establishment of Radomatics Ehud served as R&D manager and radar architect at Inksure Technologies, radar group leader at Xsight Systems, radar group leader at Pearls of Wisdom Advanced Technologies, and radar engineer at Elta.
Ehud holds a B.Sc. In electrical engineering from the Ben Gurion university and an M.B.A. from Tel Aviv university.

Eugenie Ginzburg

Eugenie brings over 16 years of R&D experience, specializing in hardware and software design, with an emphasis on aerial systems and flight controllers. Before founding Radomatics he served as director of electronics at Meteor Aerospace and held various positions at Elbit and Pearls of Wisdom Advanced Technologies, conducting numerus complex hardware and software projects.
Eugenie holds a B.Sc. In electrical engineering.