What we do

Established in 2018 by two experts in Radar and Airborne systems, Radomatics focuses on two main operations:

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Developing micro Radars for drones

Radomatics is the developer of the RDM-500 patent-pending airborne micro Radar system for drones. The novel low-profile low cost Radar system enables drones to sense their spatial environment and avoid collisions with other flying or static objects at all times – including nighttime and under severe weather conditions.  Further, the system provides altitude measurement and a special mode for homeland security.

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Advanced electronic, software & Radar design services

As masters in electronic design, we offer designers an array of services for translating complex ideas into simplified product designs. Our services cover the fields of board design, Radar design A to Z, airborne controllers, solar energy management, proximity sensors, FPGA, software, embedded applications, system integration and production and general consultancy in HW/ SW/ Radar system architecture.

Radar Technology

Radar Technology

Combining our Radar expertise with extensive knowhow and experience in UAV controllers and airborne platforms, we are developed our innovative RDM-500 ‘sense & avoid’ micro-MIMO Radar for drones. This low-form-factor low-power system provides drones with a range of crucial new capabilities – all-weather navigation assistance, collision avoidance, altimeter, landing assistance with or without GPS and more – all ensuring reliable and safe standalone flight quality.


Ehud Zorea

Ehud has acquired over 18 years of experience in Radar design and R&D management, with special emphasis on Radar design & integration, since 2001. Prior to the establishment of Radomatics he served as R&D Manager and Radar Architect at Inksure Technologies, Radar Group Leader at Xsight Systems, Radar Group Leader at Pearls of Wisdom Advanced Technologies, and Radar Engineer at Elta. Ehud holds a B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering from Ben Gurion University and an MBA from Tel Aviv University.

Eugenie Ginzburg

Eugenie brings over 16 years of R&D experience, specializing in hardware and software design, with an emphasis on aerial systems and flight controllers. Before founding Radomatics he served as Director of Electronics at Meteor Aerospace and held various positions at Elbit and Pearls of Wisdom Advanced Technologies, conducting numerus complex hardware and software projects. Eugenie holds a B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering.