Radar technology

Radomatics team brings almost 20 years of experience in radar design, with extensive knowledge in a range of radar technologies: pulse-doppler / fmcw / cw, ultra-wide-band radars, imaging radars (sar, insar, mimo), through-wall detection radars, airborne early alert radars, human detection, object detection, antenna design, hw & sw calibration design, waveform design, design for low-power modes and more. Thanks to our knowledge and vast professional networks in the field of radars, rf and antennas, we are able to undertake any radar challenge, providing our customers with optimal solutions for their needs, saving unnecessary ramp-up efforts in this complicated technology.

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Original technology: Radar for drones

Combining our radar expertise with extensive knowhow and experience in uav controllers and airborne platforms, we developed our innovative rdm-500 ‘sense & avoid’ micro-mimo radar for drones. This low-form-factor low-power system provides drones with a range of crucial new capabilities – all-weather navigation assistance, collision avoidance, altimeter, landing assistance with or without gps and more – all ensuring reliable and safe standalone flight.

Patents (IP)

Radomatics is in the process of writing two patents (pending) to support its core technology, including a unique mimo antenna & radar design that optimizes the utilization of off-the-shelf radar chipsets, for maximum performance at an optimal performance-to-cost ratio.