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Field Testing

Radomatics offers a comprehensive suite of field services designed to bring precision and reliability to your radar, RF, and communication systems testing. Our field services cater to a wide range of requirements, enabling you to validate and optimize your systems’ performance even in dynamic and challenging environments. Here’s a closer look at our field services:

RCS Field Measurements:
Radomatics specializes in Radar Cross Section (RCS) field measurements, allowing you to assess the scattering properties of dynamic targets with exceptional accuracy. Our field capabilities extend to measuring high-velocity targets, ensuring that you can confidently evaluate the performance of your radar systems.

Accurate Velocity and Range Measurement:
We offer highly accurate velocity and range measurement services for dynamic targets. Whether you’re testing  or ground-based systems, our field services provide the data you need to validate the performance of your solutions in real-world scenarios.

Performance Validation for Secondary Systems:
Radomatics goes the extra mile by offering performance validation services for a second system under test in the field. This ensures that your systems are not only tested individually but also in conjunction with other systems, replicating real-world conditions.

Compact Field Repeaters:
Our field services include dedicated compact field repeaters, allowing you to evaluate the performance of a Radar under test on-the-go. These repeaters are simple to operate and low-power, offering a standalone field target simulator that streamlines your testing processes.

Field Calibration Tools:
Radomatics specializes in the design and usage of field calibration tools. These tools are invaluable for validating the proper performance of communication systems or radar systems in field conditions. We ensure that your systems operate optimally in the environments where they are deployed.

With Radomatics’ field services, you gain access to a trusted partner committed to delivering precision, reliability, and real-world performance testing for your radar, RF, and communication systems. Our expertise and field capabilities empower you to confidently assess and optimize your systems, even in dynamic and challenging scenarios.

Field Testing Comprehensive suite of field services
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