AR3 – Sense & avoid


At Radomatics, we’ve harnessed cutting-edge radar technology to create a small yet powerful solution that redefines safety and autonomy in the world of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). Our radar product emphasizing key requirements:

Compact Size, Impressive Range:
Our radar technology may be small, but its capabilities are anything but. With a detection range designed to meet about 1 kilometer for small aircraft, it enhances situational awareness for UAV operators. The ability to detect small aircraft at such a range means that potential collisions can be detected and prevented, significantly enhancing the safety of UAV operations.

Autonomous Operation:
We understand the importance of autonomy in UAVs. Our radar product operates autonomously on the UAV itself, eliminating the need for ground-based relays or external communication systems. This independence empowers UAVs to operate efficiently and effectively in a variety of scenarios, even in remote or challenging environments.

Ensuring Collision Avoidance: Safety is paramount in the world of UAVs, and our radar technology plays a pivotal role in ensuring collision avoidance. By providing early detection of other aircraft in the vicinity, it equips operators with the data needed to make informed decisions and take preventive actions. This proactive approach safeguards both the UAV and other airspace users.

Our technology embodies the perfect balance of compact design, impressive range, and autonomous operation. It’s can be a game-changer for UAVs, enhancing safety and ensuring that these aircraft can operate with confidence, even in scenarios where external communication is limited. Experience the future of UAV technology with Radomatics, where innovation meets safety and autonomy.

Key Features

Compact Size:
Our radar system is designed with efficiency in mind. Its compact form factor allows for easy integration into a wide range of applications, without compromising on functionality or performance.

Long-Range Early Alert:
What sets our radar system apart is its ability to provide early alerts at an impressive range. This means that you receive critical information sooner, enhancing your situational awareness and providing ample time to make well-informed decisions.

Low Power Consumption:
Efficiency is key in the world of radar technology. Our system boasts a low power consumption, ensuring that it can operate effectively without putting undue stress on your power resources. This feature is particularly valuable in scenarios where power conservation is a priority.

360 Coverage Option:
To ensure that no area is left unmonitored, our radar technology offers a 360-degree coverage option. This comprehensive view allows you to keep a constant watch on the surrounding environment, enhancing safety and surveillance capabilities.


Significantly Larger Range:
Unlike commercial “sense and avoid” systems, our radar is designed to substantially larger detection range than common. This extended reach provides a critical advantage in terms of safety and situational awareness. By detecting potential obstacles or other aircraft from a greater distance, you gain valuable time to make informed decisions and take appropriate action.

Weatherproof Reliability:
Our radar systems are engineered for real-world conditions. They are weatherproof, capable of operating effectively in challenging and adverse weather environments. Rain, snow, fog, or other meteorological conditions won’t hinder the performance of our radar. This means that you can depend on its accuracy and reliability in a variety of weather scenarios.

AR3 Sense & Avoid (prototype)
Product Image/Schematics