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In the intricate landscape of specialty defense applications, radar technology emerges as a versatile and indispensable asset.

These advanced radar systems transcend the ordinary, tailored to address unique and complex challenges. From foliage-penetrating radar for reconnaissance in dense jungles to over-the-horizon radar for maritime surveillance, specialty defense radars are engineered to excel in the most demanding environments.

Their precision, adaptability, and ability to provide crucial insights in specialized scenarios make them the backbone of innovation in the defense industry. Discover the extraordinary world of radars in specialty defense applications, where innovation meets precision, and where the quest for superiority knows no bounds.

Technology Advances

Two main contributors are sculping the most advanced radar technology today.

1st is the automotive industry – its imaging performance requirements have elevated radar & algorithms design to new levels, based on advanced algorithms which the chipsets today make possible to execute.

2nd is that chipset industry, specifically multichannel high frequency MMICs, which enable commercial execution of special multichannel antenna designs, leading to better performance per less hardware.

This evolution of radar technology has penetrated the realm of specialty defense applications. Recent advances in radar systems have ushered in a new era of capabilities and possibilities, revolutionizing the way we approach complex military challenges.

From advanced synthetic aperture radars (SAR) for precise reconnaissance to adaptive phased-array radars with unmatched flexibility, these innovations are redefining how we gather intelligence and secure our national interests.

As technology continues to advance, specialty defense radars are becoming more versatile, resilient, and intelligent, allowing us to excel in scenarios ranging from electronic warfare to autonomous surveillance. Dive into the world of these cutting-edge radar solutions, where the future of defense technology unfolds before our eyes and were staying ahead means staying secure.

Our Radars

Our radars technology is based on own rich knowhow and IP. The projects span from low range detection of human through walls, applying Ultra Wide Band technology, via medium range detection of extreme fast flying objects to long range detection of small objects with high level of angular, range and speed accuracy accuracy. Our engineering team have the scope to design a complete radar system, starting with the antenna, usually an advanced MIMO array, going through the RF stages to the design of the digital backend, processing and support systems such as field wideband recording system, target injection and field validation HW.

Antenna measurements

Radar Target Simulator