A true game changer in the Perimeter security space with an unmatch performance and detection capabilities, for border, infrastructure, commercial and residential installations, either stationary or mobile.

  • Stand-alone install on any fence structure
  • No additional infrastructure is required
  • Multiple multi-sensor options to adjust different threats.
  • Sensors’ fusion low false alarms
  • AI/ML based threat analysis
  • Customized layout to address any perimeter topology
  • GPS based real-time location mapping during install.

Your perimeter is unique, but we have the ability to take care of it
Our AiW solution by Radomatics allows multiple topologies of installation, thus, define safety zones and provide effective security and proper risk management.

The power of your personalized multi-sensor
We use a multisensory approach to develop the best combination of environment data collection vs processing algorithm based on machine learning technics to provide target detection, identification and report to its host environment.

Data Fusion

Sensor Block
The purpose of the Data Fusion algorithm is to process the raw data received from the Sensor Block, reduce the noise factor and normalize the data for transmission at the lowest possible bandwidth. 

Feature Fusion

Harness Hub
The main purpose of the Feature Fusion algorithm is to extract potential threat features from the “clean” datasets of all sensor blocks at a single harness branch of the AiW topology

Decision Fusion

Grid Bac-end processor
The main purpose of the Decision Fusion algorithm is to define threat’s nature and risk level and to activate manual or autonomous “call for action”.

aiw All-In-Wire
Product Image/Schematics