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RF Chamber

At Radomatics, we offer state-of-the-art RF chamber services designed to meet the rigorous demands of today’s RF systems. Our cutting-edge facility supports RF systems across a wide frequency spectrum, spanning from approximately 600MHz to well over 100GHz. With a commitment to precision and innovation, we provide a range of services that set industry benchmarks:

Target Simulation Expertise:
Our facility boasts a built-in physical target simulator, allowing for the injection of targets at various angles, Doppler frequencies, and ranges. This capability ensures accurate testing and validation of RF systems’ performance.

Antenna Testing Excellence:
We specialize in antenna testing, both radiated and conducted, encompassing critical assessments such as matching and S-parameter measurements. Additionally, our antenna calibration services cover boresight calibration, angular calibration, isolation measurements, and more, ensuring antenna performance aligns with precise specifications.

Channel Validation:
Radomatics conducts radiated and conducted testing to rigorously validate both receive and transmit channels. This includes assessing signal levels, noise characteristics, gain, compression points, IP3 (third-order intercept point), and isolation to ensure optimal channel functionality.

Angular Accuracy Assurance:
Our facility is equipped for antenna measurement and calibration, including boresight and off-boresight assessments. We employ dedicated rotators to validate radar antenna and system angular accuracy in both azimuth and elevation, delivering superb precision.

Range and Doppler Validation:
We offer comprehensive radar range accuracy validation, ensuring the accuracy of radar systems in determining target distances. Additionally, our facility provides Doppler accuracy validation through dedicated, configurable Doppler physical injection with fine, programmable resolution.

RCS Estimation:
Radomatics excels in Radar Cross Section (RCS) estimation, encompassing both static and dynamic scenarios. Our expertise extends to calibration reference targets, covering a wide frequency range and accommodating diverse requirements.

With a commitment to excellence, Radomatics’ RF chamber services are at the forefront of RF system testing and validation. We empower our clients to achieve optimal performance, accuracy, and reliability across a broad spectrum of RF applications.

RF Chamber State-of-the-art RF chamber services
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